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Re: it WAS progress.

July 10, 2019 08:28PM
Fisher brought made us a consistent 8-8 kinda team. He doubled, tripled our win total from 3yrs previous...
and drafted the 3 ProBowl - superstars/cornerstones of the team.....AD, Gurley, Goff.

Heck, yeah, it was progress!!!!

And all that without a qb most of the time.

And without an OL a lot of the time.

Not many coaches can get to 7-9 with conditions like that.

  Happy Jeff Fisher Day - 7/9!

promomasterj214July 09, 2019 11:25AM

  I remember when we thought that was progress...

jemach86July 09, 2019 11:40AM

  Re: I remember when we thought that was progress...

BeachBoy63July 10, 2019 01:53AM

  He is amazing on Twitter

stlramz71July 10, 2019 10:48AM

  it WAS progress.

SunTzu_vs_Camus64July 10, 2019 03:01AM

  agree completely nm

21Dog35July 10, 2019 04:46AM

  +1...stabilized the ship.....nm

Arkansas Ram39July 10, 2019 05:04AM

  I don't think we ever even saw 8-8 did we?

promomasterj50July 10, 2019 08:55AM

  Re: it WAS progress.

zn48July 10, 2019 08:28PM

  Re: Happy Jeff Fisher Day - 7/9!

Ramboni45July 10, 2019 08:26AM

  Re: Happy Jeff Fisher Day - 7/9!

RinconRam47July 10, 2019 08:32AM

  Re: Happy Jeff Fisher Day - 7/9!

21Dog39July 10, 2019 10:47AM

  Who's Jeff Fisher?

Coy Bacon48July 10, 2019 04:58PM

  Re: Who's Jeff Fisher?

WhiteHorns35July 10, 2019 07:54PM

  Time to move on,

WhiteHorns34July 10, 2019 07:55PM