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Re: next year Rams will need to draft OL

July 13, 2018 12:05PM
I think what they are hoping for is that Blythe acts as the 6th man (starting weeks 1 and 2) with Noteboom, Allen and Demby as the depth. I have a hard time seeing Eldrenkamp, Neary, etc as anything more than practice squad candidates. If the Rams got it right with their draft picks then Williams, Lucas, and Dunn will be released by Labor Day.

My hope is between Noteboom, Allen and Demby they will develop two future starters. It would be great if all three did but it's unlikely. At minimum they need one to become a starter and one to be a reliable backup. Their future salary cap in 2020 and 2021 depends on it.

They will probably need to draft at least 3 again. And that's even if 2 of this year's picks makes it, or even if all 3 do.

We don't know which one of their own FAs they will sign (Saffold, Brown, Hav) but odds are, it will be one at most.

There's also possible additions between now and then. They got Blythe when he was cut. A similar thing happened in 2012 when they picked up Barksdale, who ended up being the 2013 starter. Something like that can happen again.

On the one hand we have some advocating signing AD for whatever he wants (not you, zn) or close to it.

On the other hand we’re having a conversation about only being able to afford signing one of Saffold, Brown, or Hav from an OL that was superb in ‘17.

I’ll say it again. The cap is a zero sum game wherein extra money to one player leaves less for other players, some of whom are quality starters.

Just the way it is.


I think we all understand that things are this way.

The question is, what can be done about that? Nothing.

Being that it's a zero sum game, eventually someone is going to be lost. So you have to choose who you're willing to lose.

Now I'm not certain I buy that they will only be able to retain only one of Saffold, Brown, and Hav but assuming that's the case, that's simply not that concerning IMO.

Saffold is a very good guard; it would hurt to lose him. Brown and Hav are both decent players. They are what you're calling a quality starter.

But neither are above average and IMO that's precisely the type of player that you let walk when their salary is set to increase.

It comes down to who's replaceable and who's not. I think Notebloom could easily replace Hav and most likely will next year. Brown could be replaced by a mid round draft pick.

When you could get the same or nearly the same production from a young cheap draft pick, why would you want to pay $5 - $8M for the average vet?

I hear you, dz. I really do.

But the OL is a known quantity playing at top 10 level. There is something to be said for a solid OL, which is where the entire O always starts. The “bird in the hand” thing?

But as zn has pointed out, OL turnover is the norm in the NFL. Sooooo...

I would love to keep the entire line together 43. That would be desirable since they are playing at a top 10 level.

However, I don't know that the 'bird in the hand' principle can be applied here. In order to keep the status quo, it's gonna require a lot more money. That may not be realistic since they have a lot of 'bird in the hand' positions.

Saffold is already being paid vet money and hopefully they can just keep that allocation in the budget.

But both Brown and Hav will require more money so that forces a choice but that choice is made much easier since both of them are in the average player territory. If either were super good, it would make things really difficult. My best strategic thought is, since there is a hard salary cap and you can't avoid pain, you choose to take the pain with the average guys.

I think they can keep that unit a top performing one if they invest, not necessarily in money, but in draft picks in 2019.

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