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According to them we have the 2nd best roster

May 16, 2018 06:10AM
Saw that list and assigning 3 points for the top unit, two for the 2nd best and 1 for the third, the Rams have the 2nd best roster with 8 pts behind only Philly with 11 pts, NE is 3rd with 6 and Vikes and Saints have 5 pts. I am not liking being that far being the Eggles but I can't really argue it either (except for rb, don't see why they are so high). They have multiple units on both sides of the ball ranked (OL, RB, TE, Edge, Interior DL) while the Ram's only ranked groups are on defense and ST (Interior DL, ST, 2ndary). Funny how the highest scoring team in the NFL didn't have a single group on offense even get a bronze. I think for TG3 alone our RB should be ranked, I wouldn't trade ours for the eagles or the falcons.

  ESPN ranks two Rams groups among NFL's best position units for 2018

RamBill331May 16, 2018 05:22AM

  According to them we have the 2nd best roster

RamsDynasty138May 16, 2018 06:10AM