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waterfield4512/21/2018 02:46PM

  the first dominoes have fallen

21Dog1712/21/2018 03:26PM

  I'm hoping Kluber

ferragamo791612/21/2018 03:30PM

  I'm going to miss Homer Bailey. . .

RAMbeau2212/21/2018 03:49PM

  Puig will do well in Cincy

ferragamo791812/22/2018 07:36AM

  Re: Puig will do well in Cincy

RAMbeau1812/22/2018 12:11PM

  I enjoyed Puig's time in LA

ferragamo791012/24/2018 08:36AM

  Re: I enjoyed Puig's time in LA

RAMbeau1212/24/2018 05:00PM

  Re: Dodgers

Crazylegs1812/22/2018 07:11AM

  Well gasoline did it

IowaRam5412/22/2018 02:44AM

  We've been under $2

sstrams2312/22/2018 04:25AM

  LOL I recall around my last 2 years of the USAF 1988 or 89..

Ramgator1712/24/2018 10:03AM

  When I was a little kid..

sstrams1412/24/2018 11:33AM

  The lowest I can remember was 57 cents. 1978-79.

Ramgator1512/24/2018 12:35PM


21Dog1612/24/2018 02:11PM

  Re: We've been under $2

MamaRAMa1712/24/2018 12:37PM

  Yeah, saw $1.80 earlier..

sstrams1712/24/2018 01:50PM

  OK. I'm 51 and just watched most of "The Year Without Santa Claus".

Ramgator2012/24/2018 10:55AM

  Saw the Submarine flick "Hunter Killer". Loved it!

Ramgator1812/24/2018 10:00AM

  My Love Affair with British Automobiles

Crazylegs3312/22/2018 11:07AM

  Sweet... nice rides, Crazylegs.. Attachments

sstrams1012/22/2018 11:32AM

  Re: Sweet... nice rides, Crazylegs..

Crazylegs1412/22/2018 02:52PM

  Man those are some sweet rides, Crazylegs..

sstrams1012/22/2018 03:48PM


Crazylegs1312/23/2018 06:10AM

  Here ya go, Crazylegs.. Attachments

sstrams1312/23/2018 06:30AM


Crazylegs1112/23/2018 06:35AM

  Thanks man..

sstrams1112/23/2018 06:39AM

  Great Story!

Crazylegs1812/23/2018 07:28AM

  Wife and I just caw my man Clint in "The Mule".

Ramgator4212/22/2018 08:28AM

  I have no idea what in the hell Pinterest is....

JamesJM4412/21/2018 04:24PM

  I hate Pinterest..

sstrams2712/22/2018 05:32AM

  Aquaman early reviews in...

Speed_Kills10611/28/2018 07:36AM

  Spider-man . into the spider verse reviews are in as well

IowaRam3711/28/2018 08:11AM

  Lol it looks great nm

Speed_Kills2112/03/2018 05:42PM

  Jake Gyllenhaal learns he's NOT Spider-man

IowaRam2912/05/2018 02:11PM

  Captain Marvel trailer

IowaRam2512/07/2018 05:03AM

  It looks amazing

Atlantic Ram2612/08/2018 09:15AM

  Avengers End Game trailer

IowaRam2912/07/2018 05:04AM

  Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer

IowaRam2612/10/2018 01:46PM

  Re: Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer

RamsFootballFans.com2412/14/2018 06:51AM

  RE me too

Speed_Kills2012/15/2018 06:40PM

  that looks amazing nm

Speed_Kills1912/15/2018 06:29PM

  We went and saw Spider-man , Into The Spider Verse last night

IowaRam3412/14/2018 01:33PM

  I sooo don't want to like this movie

Atlantic Ram2912/16/2018 10:11AM

  You'll end up watching it multiple times

IowaRam2212/16/2018 07:08PM

  Hellboy trailer

IowaRam2312/19/2018 01:09PM

  "Hellboy Turns 80 And Throws His Back Out"!

Ramgator1712/19/2018 01:58PM

  Men In Black trailer

IowaRam2312/20/2018 09:33AM

  Well we went and saw Aquaman tonight

IowaRam2612/20/2018 06:41PM

  yup I saw it last night! Loved it

Speed_Kills2512/21/2018 08:10AM


IowaRam2212/21/2018 04:58AM

  My Limoncello is officially soaking...

JamesJM4912/17/2018 04:31PM

  I want to try this

Atlantic Ram2012/17/2018 05:03PM

  The Italian 'secret'....

JamesJM2212/17/2018 05:32PM

  Isn't that a little like

waterfield2112/17/2018 05:43PM

  ummm, not the grappa I grew up with...

JamesJM1912/17/2018 06:17PM

  Re: ummm, not the grappa I grew up with...

waterfield2312/17/2018 06:44PM

  Sorry to repeat this.... if I did say it already...

JamesJM2312/17/2018 07:37PM

  Re: The Italian 'secret'....

Atlantic Ram2012/17/2018 05:59PM

  bring it up to Sac Town

ferragamo792312/19/2018 04:24PM

  free food and drinks

21Dog2012/20/2018 06:06AM


waterfield2212/19/2018 09:32PM

  Oh you lucky dog you....

JamesJM2312/19/2018 10:10PM

  Re: Limoncello

21Dog1912/20/2018 06:05AM

  Was telling my wife about this last night..

sstrams2412/21/2018 05:27AM

  This is embarrassing....

JamesJM2612/21/2018 07:14AM

  Ok, this is even MORE embarrassing..

sstrams2012/21/2018 07:20AM

  Well said...

JamesJM2012/21/2018 07:26AM

  Well, that's perfect then...

sstrams2012/21/2018 07:33AM

  The Monkees Christmas Album

IowaRam2812/21/2018 05:17AM

  Super cool....

sstrams1912/21/2018 06:17AM

  Re: Super cool....+1 nm

RamsFootballFans.com1512/21/2018 07:07AM

  Can anyone explain to me why I can only see the new

Arkansas Ram5112/19/2018 03:42PM

  yeah I can't see new header in chrome

ferragamo791912/19/2018 03:53PM

  Yeah, in Chrome you gotta clear the cache.

sstrams2012/19/2018 06:13PM

  Don't have to do that with Safari...

JamesJM2012/19/2018 06:18PM

  Yeah, I had hell getting it to update..

sstrams2212/20/2018 02:14PM

  Nothing wrong with Yosemite....

JamesJM1812/20/2018 02:26PM

  Final Cut Pro?

sstrams2112/20/2018 04:18PM

  Rumor has been going on now for a while...

JamesJM2012/20/2018 06:44PM

  That's pure crap...!

sstrams1512/21/2018 04:59AM

  Works for me on chrome

IowaRam1712/19/2018 03:59PM

  Most browsers cache webpage assets such as that...

JamesJM2112/19/2018 04:21PM


Arkansas Ram1712/19/2018 04:31PM

  GOT IT.......

Arkansas Ram2612/19/2018 04:58PM


ferragamo792212/19/2018 05:16PM

  Looks great sst.......good job.......nm

Arkansas Ram1812/19/2018 05:04PM

  Instructions under GOT IT post.........nm

Arkansas Ram1812/19/2018 05:06PM

  So Greg... did SJM get ripped off?

JamesJM5212/16/2018 05:51AM

  was out of town, so I didn't see it

21Dog1712/18/2018 09:46AM

  It was a good game...

JamesJM1812/18/2018 09:57AM

  Grandson's Sophomore year High lights...

JamesJM2212/19/2018 12:14PM

  best of luck to him

21Dog1712/20/2018 09:47AM

  Yup.. he'll need it...

JamesJM1712/20/2018 10:03AM


21Dog1812/20/2018 11:27AM

  That was my suggestion....

JamesJM1612/20/2018 11:44AM


JamesJM1412/20/2018 11:47AM

  that's great

21Dog1712/20/2018 01:01PM

  DTV ST App

CarolinaRam2912/20/2018 09:14AM

  not sure

21Dog2312/20/2018 11:29AM

  Do they even sell Cox airplanes anymore??

Ramgator3412/19/2018 05:48AM

  I've wondered that, myself..

sstrams2012/19/2018 06:01AM

  My Brother had that Albatros and the BLUE N YELLOW trainer.

Ramgator1812/19/2018 08:09AM

  I know, right?

sstrams2112/19/2018 08:34AM

  I'd vomit and pass out or crash it into

ferragamo792212/19/2018 11:26AM

  Yeah, me too..

sstrams2212/19/2018 11:40AM

  Guys, I SWEAR...

Ramgator2312/19/2018 02:00PM

  I would not make a good fighter pilot

ferragamo792012/19/2018 03:54PM

  RIP Penny Marshall

Ramgator2912/18/2018 09:30AM

  Sad news indeed....

JamesJM2412/18/2018 11:34AM

  If it helps you to feel better.....

Ramgator2212/19/2018 08:13AM

  LOVE my Star Trek TOS DVDS. Just watched "The Tholian Web"

Ramgator4012/12/2018 07:28AM

  I remember that one..

sstrams2112/12/2018 10:07AM

  That's it!

Ramgator2312/12/2018 01:38PM

  We still share our favorite..

sstrams2312/12/2018 02:03PM

  The Gangster..."Piece Of The Action". It had an appearance by..

Ramgator2212/12/2018 04:57PM

  Is Balance of Terror..

sstrams2112/13/2018 04:37AM

  No. Kirk as a Romulan was...

Ramgator2612/13/2018 05:12AM

  Speaking of "Enterprise Incident"...When my Brother passed...

Ramgator2112/13/2018 05:18AM

  "The renowned Tholian punctuality" (nm)

zn2012/14/2018 11:23PM

  My son-in-law bought the DVD's long ago....

JamesJM2512/13/2018 12:36PM

  The entire Columbo set....

sstrams2612/13/2018 12:55PM

  WOW, thanks Steve....

JamesJM2212/13/2018 01:00PM

  No sweat - I just indulged..

sstrams2112/13/2018 01:13PM

  Have a link, I'm not finding it...

JamesJM2312/13/2018 01:32PM

  Colombo I mean. (nm)

JamesJM1812/13/2018 01:32PM

  Here's the Columbo full set..

sstrams2412/13/2018 01:45PM

  Got 'em both, thanks Steve...

JamesJM2112/13/2018 01:53PM

  I can't imagine..

sstrams1812/13/2018 02:08PM

  Here's the MASH link..

sstrams1912/13/2018 01:47PM

  MASH has one of my favorite TV Christmas episodes of all time.

Ramgator2412/14/2018 08:07AM

  And the Christmas "All In The Family" episode...."The Draft Dodger"

Ramgator2012/14/2018 08:10AM

  Just wanted to say thanks, Gator...

sstrams2112/14/2018 09:22AM

  Do some research...I advise.

Ramgator2012/14/2018 09:34AM

  Yeah, that sounds like..

sstrams2112/14/2018 11:25AM

  I got the first 2 seasons at Goodwill

ferragamo792512/14/2018 04:22PM

  It was really neat to know the story lines as I aged.

Ramgator2112/15/2018 03:36AM

  My Star Trek Blu Ray set just came in..

sstrams2112/18/2018 06:41AM

  I also have it on Vudu

IowaRam2012/18/2018 06:49AM

  That probably would have been..

sstrams1512/18/2018 07:41AM

  Re: That probably would have been..

IowaRam2112/18/2018 09:06AM

  Well, on one of our TV's..

sstrams1812/18/2018 09:18AM

  Re: Well, on one of our TV's..

IowaRam1912/18/2018 12:28PM

  Watching one of my lesser fav episodes right now.."Platos Stepchildren"

Ramgator1912/18/2018 08:11AM

  Michael Dunn aka Dr Loveless from Wild Wild West. is also in this episode.

Ramgator1912/18/2018 08:14AM

  I don't remember what that one is about..

sstrams1812/18/2018 08:21AM

  Re: My Star Trek Blu Ray set just came in..

sstrams2112/18/2018 02:58PM

  Make It So

IowaRam1912/18/2018 05:28PM

  Breaking down an 870 Remington...

JamesJM3712/18/2018 03:46PM

  By the way... recommendations on a Biometric Gun Safe?

JamesJM2012/18/2018 03:53PM

  I'm on a buying spree lately.. Attachments

sstrams7412/15/2018 12:07PM

  I love that

Atlantic Ram2512/16/2018 10:10AM

  Never too late, man..

sstrams2512/16/2018 11:16AM

  Apple Buys Peanuts

IowaRam2412/17/2018 06:03AM

  Yeah, I think the seller..

sstrams2012/17/2018 06:58AM

  Speaking of buying stuff....

sstrams2212/17/2018 09:02AM


IowaRam2212/17/2018 12:42PM

  actually it is my fault

ferragamo791812/17/2018 02:14PM

  Ok, but..

sstrams1812/18/2018 02:54PM

  Speaking of buying stuff..

sstrams1812/18/2018 02:55PM

  Early Christmas/Bday...never saw it coming........ Attachments

Arkansas Ram4612/18/2018 08:54AM


sstrams1812/18/2018 09:06AM

  And get this.......

Arkansas Ram2212/18/2018 09:29AM

  I'm trying to get there buddy

ferragamo792212/18/2018 09:34AM

  Re: I'm trying to get there buddy

Arkansas Ram2312/18/2018 09:38AM

  I saw John Newcombe play once..

sstrams1612/18/2018 10:15AM

  I've never seen a pro tennis match...

JamesJM1612/18/2018 10:32AM

  Re: I've never seen a pro tennis match...

Arkansas Ram1912/18/2018 10:34AM

  Funny thing about football...

JamesJM1612/18/2018 10:38AM

  They're pretty bad azzed...

sstrams1312/18/2018 10:43AM

  It was Rod Laver!

sstrams1912/18/2018 10:46AM

  Growing up I was an Australian tennis fan

waterfield1312/18/2018 11:04AM

  I haven't heard that word treed

ferragamo791712/18/2018 12:36PM

  Yeah, treed...

sstrams1712/18/2018 01:19PM

  Small World....

Arkansas Ram1912/18/2018 11:46AM

  You live in New Braunfels?

sstrams1712/18/2018 10:11AM

  Re: You live in New Braunfels?....yep..and..

Arkansas Ram1812/18/2018 10:32AM

  Yeah, the Guadalupe River..

sstrams1712/18/2018 10:42AM

  Yes River Road

Arkansas Ram1712/18/2018 10:57AM

  Sounds about right..

sstrams1712/18/2018 11:00AM

  Re: Sounds about right..

Arkansas Ram1612/18/2018 11:08AM

  I believe it..!

sstrams1412/18/2018 11:11AM

  I need face mask clips for mine. Bought it around 1992.

Ramgator1712/18/2018 09:32AM

  here ya go gator.. Attachments

Arkansas Ram1812/18/2018 10:40AM

  electrical out help needed- XMAS

ferragamo794012/17/2018 02:10PM

  You're sure its the outlet?

sstrams2112/17/2018 03:09PM

  No way!

Ramgator2212/17/2018 04:25PM

  Yes, that's obvious...

sstrams1412/18/2018 03:08AM

  Move to Texas...

Atlantic Ram2212/17/2018 04:56PM

  I think the push-in thingy..

sstrams1612/18/2018 03:05AM

  I did the Math

IowaRam2112/17/2018 06:10PM

  Re: electrical out help needed- XMAS

RamsFootballFans.com1912/18/2018 05:08AM

  thanks 73

ferragamo791612/18/2018 09:39AM

  My radical, (somewhat), NCAA Football picks..

JamesJM2912/14/2018 09:58AM

  Watching NFL game with a diehard Charger fan...

JamesJM2312/14/2018 11:06AM

  Right now the Chargers

waterfield1612/17/2018 05:55PM

  I know this ain't for this board....

JamesJM1512/17/2018 06:19PM

  I hate Alabama

ferragamo791812/17/2018 02:54PM

  I'm usually a "GO SEC" guy.....

Ramgator1412/17/2018 04:26PM

  What do you guys think of this? Attachments

Atlantic Ram6112/13/2018 05:19PM

  Its dang sure inventive..

sstrams2512/14/2018 04:38AM

  I'm not sure how I knew what it was

Atlantic Ram1912/14/2018 11:50AM

  Man, that is such an impressive work..

sstrams1812/14/2018 01:06PM

  Thank you...

Atlantic Ram1912/16/2018 10:39AM

  I'll reply more later, but one thought I had..

sstrams1812/16/2018 11:14AM


Arkansas Ram1512/14/2018 05:26AM

  Thank you! nm

Atlantic Ram1312/16/2018 10:45AM

  Why the shoe shine box ?

IowaRam2012/14/2018 01:24PM

  Just something different really

Atlantic Ram1612/16/2018 10:44AM

  looks high end

ferragamo791712/14/2018 04:18PM

  Thank you...

Atlantic Ram1712/16/2018 10:47AM

  that's really ambitious

21Dog1812/14/2018 10:51PM

  Thank you...

Atlantic Ram1612/16/2018 10:48AM

  Lynard Skynard: If I leave here tomorrow

ferragamo795112/14/2018 06:10PM

  Living in the Westside of Jacksonville.

Ramgator2312/15/2018 03:42AM

  yeah they go back and visit

ferragamo791712/15/2018 11:42AM

  Yeah, good documentary..

sstrams3012/15/2018 04:03AM

  so cool

ferragamo791612/15/2018 11:41AM

  Thanks, '79.. I didn't know..

sstrams1512/15/2018 12:05PM


JoeMad1912/15/2018 07:48PM

  Folk rock and folk music

waterfield6012/14/2018 07:20PM

  Definitely familiar with him..

sstrams2312/15/2018 03:56AM

  Oh yeah

ferragamo792412/15/2018 11:48AM

  Re: Oh yeah

waterfield2112/15/2018 07:03PM

  Anybody seen Pine Gap on Netflix?

RamUK2812/15/2018 05:38PM

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