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  WELL CRAP!! I dodged the bullet for about 21 years but....

Ramgator31601/15/2018 04:48PM

  if I had the time

Deadpool6201/15/2018 06:18PM

  I actually feel great but sound like hell.

Ramgator6601/16/2018 04:30AM

  Re: I actually feel great but sound like hell.

RAMbeau5901/16/2018 08:16AM

  Re: if I had the time

IowaRam5601/16/2018 06:14AM

  What do you give Gator when he's in need of help. . .

RAMbeau15101/14/2018 05:55AM

  Re: What do you give Gator when he's in need of help. . .

73Ram5501/14/2018 06:34AM

  Re: What do you give Gator when he's in need of help. . .

IowaRam7001/14/2018 07:23AM

  That was good! It also reminds me.....

Ramgator7201/16/2018 04:32AM

  OHHHHHHH. . . ....

RAMbeau5301/16/2018 08:10AM


IowaRam18901/11/2018 03:54PM

  put me down for rugby, but i love this

ferragamo795501/15/2018 04:06PM

  And that's BEFORE the match ?

waterfield5001/15/2018 05:15PM

  THE END IS NEAR!!! I have a smart phone.

Ramgator16412/19/2017 07:45AM

  Re: THE END IS NEAR!!! I have a smart phone.

IowaRam10012/19/2017 07:53AM

  SAY IT AIN[T SO. . . .

RAMbeau7412/20/2017 07:08AM

  Re: THE END IS NEAR!!! I have a smart phone.

waterfield5112/20/2017 07:55AM

  Illegal here, too..

sstrams5012/20/2017 08:56AM

  Re: Illegal here, too..

IowaRam6212/20/2017 09:00AM

  I wouldn't mind...

sstrams6012/20/2017 09:52AM

  that phone won't be smart for long

21Dog8512/20/2017 08:51AM

  You are right!!! With me????

Ramgator5612/22/2017 04:07PM

  Greg: you have a PM.

waterfield5112/29/2017 07:23AM

  now you have one nm

21Dog5201/06/2018 05:52AM

  That's nuthin'......

HighPlainsDrifter5312/28/2017 12:14PM

  Like I always say..

sstrams6212/28/2017 12:17PM


Arkansas Ram4101/12/2018 05:42AM

  another sign

ferragamo793601/15/2018 03:58PM


Arkansas Ram22801/13/2018 01:23PM

  Hey Rick you can PM me

ferragamo795201/13/2018 03:35PM

  sent you some pointers

ferragamo794901/15/2018 08:01AM

  Another NFL star on concussions

waterfield19901/14/2018 04:59PM

  RIP Keith Jackson

ferragamo7912001/13/2018 07:56AM

  What kind of tie does Rambeau wear????

Ramgator15401/11/2018 03:17PM

  What kind of tie does Gator wear?

sstrams5801/12/2018 06:05AM

  That reminds me! I never understood why......

Ramgator4201/12/2018 02:25PM

  THAT'S The Gator I know. . . .

RAMbeau5201/13/2018 04:25AM

  Seriously, we did do a pre plan tour of a junk yard.

Ramgator14101/11/2018 03:19PM

  I suspect you..

sstrams3901/12/2018 06:06AM

  Re: Seriously, we did do a pre plan tour of a junk yard.

waterfield6601/12/2018 06:00PM

  One year ago today......

Rampage2K-13201/12/2018 04:55PM

  cable TV/subscriptions advice

LMU9317912/28/2017 09:58AM

  We went cable-less about 6 months ago

Atlantic Ram7312/31/2017 12:33PM

  Re: We went cable-less about 6 months ago

NorCalRamFan7101/03/2018 04:59AM

  Good one....

Arkansas Ram5401/12/2018 06:11AM

  You get phone/cable and internet

ferragamo797001/03/2018 09:15AM

  What is medical term for a nose being removed from a body??

Ramgator13901/09/2018 06:01AM

  Apparently, in my absence. . . .

RAMbeau6401/10/2018 07:32AM

  See Gator? That's how you do it....

sstrams7601/11/2018 02:41PM

  First cave dive video of 2017..

sstrams16412/14/2017 04:56AM

  Great vid, but.......

HighPlainsDrifter6612/30/2017 08:33AM


sstrams6012/30/2017 10:42AM

  Re: Beeeecause....

Rampage2K-5701/10/2018 12:15PM


RamUK6601/02/2018 07:17AM

  I’m a rebel colonist this morning.

JamesJM14001/05/2018 07:41PM

  A California Yankee. . . .

RAMbeau8401/07/2018 09:10AM

  Speaking of the Queen.

waterfield6001/08/2018 08:51AM

  Re: Speaking of the Queen.

RAMbeau5801/08/2018 04:27PM

  Watched Gran Torino again last night

ferragamo7921512/06/2017 05:29PM

  Re: Watched Gran Torino again last night

73Ram7512/07/2017 07:54AM

  What about the Punisher on Netflix?

Atlantic Ram7812/07/2017 02:32PM

  I agree! Great series. As is Daredevil. nm

Drew28395912/09/2017 09:31AM

  Re: Watched Gran Torino again last night

NorCalRamFan6212/30/2017 10:23AM


ferragamo796301/08/2018 11:21AM

  -32 degrees below zero this morning

IowaRam19601/01/2018 02:42AM

  That's cold!!!!!!

RAMbeau6601/01/2018 09:31AM

  Good thing for remote starts

IowaRam8001/01/2018 01:15PM

  There's even a chance of snow in Jacksonville

Ramgator6001/02/2018 04:07AM

  I'll tell ya what real cold is

IowaRam6501/02/2018 08:32AM

  Reminds me of the 70s and talk of a "looming Ice Age"

Ramgator7101/02/2018 04:12AM

  We've been in the teens all week..

sstrams6501/02/2018 07:38AM

  Winter hit right on schedule

IowaRam5201/02/2018 08:21AM

  Thats like living on a planet from Star Wars

ferragamo797001/03/2018 09:16AM

  Bomb Cyclone !!!!

IowaRam6901/04/2018 02:31PM

  Re: -32 degrees below zero this morning

MamaRAMa6901/05/2018 05:28AM

  Today's the day... Star Wars... (mostly about 3D)

JamesJM18312/19/2017 11:47AM

  Not a review..

JamesJM6512/19/2017 07:28PM

  Me waiting for the movie to start.. and my review... Attachments

JamesJM9212/19/2017 07:58PM

  Is that lady behind you

waterfield6312/21/2017 08:12PM

  walked away from it thinking the same thing

Ramsrule6712/25/2017 11:41AM

  what might be my favorite scene

IowaRam5712/25/2017 03:40PM

  I'm going today. . .

RAMbeau9412/20/2017 07:07AM

  You should really cease with the gym replies...

JamesJM7212/20/2017 04:20PM


IowaRam6712/21/2017 03:48PM

  Re: well...........

RAMbeau7712/21/2017 04:01PM

  Carrie Fisher, and my most favorite thing about this new movie...

JamesJM6812/20/2017 08:46PM

  Saw it yesterday. A bit bummed how Disney has done Luke.

Ramgator7212/22/2017 04:04PM

  Out with the old and in with the new....

JamesJM5712/22/2017 04:32PM

  When Luke asked Rey who she was, she SHOULD'VE replied.....

Ramgator7312/22/2017 05:33PM

  Finally saw it

IowaRam6112/25/2017 08:27AM

  Disappointed.... spoilers inside..

sstrams6412/26/2017 03:33AM

  The Skywalker saga will be coming to a end after episode IX

IowaRam7212/27/2017 03:00PM

  Well, my question is...

sstrams4512/27/2017 04:55PM

  Re: Well, my question is...

IowaRam7812/27/2017 05:42PM

  Rebellions are built on hope

IowaRam5912/28/2017 08:22AM

  Star Wars , nothing but Star Wars !!!

IowaRam4201/01/2018 01:13PM

  Any info on Wild Card game and time...I want to buy ticket to go?

LaloRam10512/29/2017 08:05AM

  Re: Any info on Wild Card game and time...I want to buy ticket to go?

Headslap756212/29/2017 11:24AM

  Re: Thank You Headslap! nm

LaloRam5212/30/2017 05:14PM

  And your 2018 Rock-n-Roll Hall Of Fame inductees are............

IowaRam17512/13/2017 04:11PM

  The Cars...

JoeMad7612/15/2017 09:26AM

  Love The Cars first album

ferragamo796412/15/2017 01:15PM

  I liked the Cars...

JamesJM9012/15/2017 01:16PM

  Not a big Bon Jovi fan, but...

sstrams6712/15/2017 05:12PM

  Here's what I do know about Bon Jovi...

JamesJM7012/15/2017 10:49PM

  I dont get Bon Jovi at all

ferragamo797012/16/2017 07:00AM

  Bon Jovi = Chick Pop band.... too bad for Judas Priest...

JoeMad6512/19/2017 08:17AM

  Enjoy Sambora's guitar work.....

HighPlainsDrifter4412/30/2017 08:20AM

  Saw "Darkest Hour" today. AWESOME!!

Ramgator12012/29/2017 10:59AM

  Has anyone seen "Darkest Hour" yet?

Ramgator15712/25/2017 01:57PM

  Re: Has anyone seen "Darkest Hour" yet?

IowaRam8312/25/2017 03:35PM

  Re: Has anyone seen "Darkest Hour" yet?

waterfield6512/28/2017 11:18AM

  I'm taking off... out of the country...

JamesJM15712/20/2017 06:45PM

  Castrated sewer rats....

sstrams4812/21/2017 03:03AM

  have a great trip

21Dog4812/21/2017 04:58AM

  Yeh don't do that

RamUK6012/28/2017 08:16AM

  Yes. . . I remembered Vickie . . .

RAMbeau16812/21/2017 02:13AM

  Awww. . .

sstrams7212/21/2017 02:52AM

  Re: Awww. . .

MamaRAMa6912/21/2017 03:31AM

  Happy Birthday Mama!

sstrams7012/21/2017 03:40AM

  Re: Happy Birthday Mama!

MamaRAMa7812/21/2017 03:53AM

  you've got me by two months

21Dog6812/21/2017 04:57AM

  Re: Awww. . .

Crazylegs6312/22/2017 06:14AM

  sorry just saw this Mama

ferragamo796512/26/2017 02:55PM

  Me too.... happy belated Vickie!

Ramsrule5612/26/2017 03:07PM

  Oops, I missed this...

JamesJM7612/22/2017 04:34PM

  To those late to the party. . .

RAMbeau6512/27/2017 03:15PM

  Georgia's former husband and composer dies.

Saguaro12112/26/2017 10:06AM

  Dak Prescott Is Not An Accurate QB

Classicalwit15012/24/2017 02:17PM

  Lotta peeps here in Texas...

sstrams6212/24/2017 04:27PM

  What about Jason Garrett ?....................................nm

IowaRam6512/24/2017 04:35PM

  Re: Dak Prescott Is Not An Accurate QB

MamaRAMa6512/24/2017 04:35PM

  This topic has been moved. Dak Prescott Is Not An Accurate QB

Classicalwit312/24/2017 02:20PM

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