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  Just can't get enough of this game

SeattleRam4301/10/2020 11:38PM

  Just saw "Underwater".. **With Mini spoiler alert**

sstrams4101/10/2020 06:13PM

  AM Radio Static.........

Arkansas Ram6801/05/2020 02:22PM

  Those were the days, no?

sstrams2601/05/2020 03:08PM

  I don't remember what radio station I listened to as a kid Attachments

IowaRam2901/05/2020 03:54PM

  ah the days of AM.....

JamesJM2601/05/2020 03:34PM

  KJR AM Ichabod Caine

SeattleRam2801/05/2020 03:49PM

  I had a little radio I would bring outside

ferragamo792601/07/2020 07:40AM

  same MO for me, but.........

21Dog2001/08/2020 06:12AM

  Still listen to Dodgers on a little radio

waterfield2201/08/2020 07:15AM

  I used too religiously

ferragamo792201/08/2020 07:53AM

  Future Star Wars films going MCUish

IowaRam4101/07/2020 11:41AM

  Am I the only one..

sstrams2101/07/2020 12:29PM

  which is why I'm glad their going away from the Skywalker saga

IowaRam1901/07/2020 12:42PM

  no, you're not the only one...

JamesJM1901/07/2020 12:54PM

  Best Show Ever !!!

IowaRam1901/07/2020 01:13PM

  Episode 8 of The Mandalorian?

sstrams2001/07/2020 01:19PM

  LOL... tv shows...

JamesJM2401/07/2020 01:28PM

  Get in line!

Ramgator1701/07/2020 02:07PM

  Frasier is my all-time favorite sitcom..

sstrams2101/07/2020 02:22PM

  Never saw a single episode of Frasier...but...

JamesJM2501/07/2020 03:11PM

  What I LOVE now are.....

Ramgator1801/07/2020 03:14PM

  I drew the line at The Waltons

21Dog1901/08/2020 06:14AM

  The Walton's...yet another I never saw....

JamesJM1801/08/2020 07:30AM

  That does surprise me

IowaRam1801/07/2020 03:28PM

  Re: That does surprise me

JamesJM2201/08/2020 06:01AM

  It even dropped Hogan's Heroes to number two on my list

IowaRam1901/07/2020 01:33PM

  Re not surprising

Speed_Kills2101/07/2020 04:12PM

  Just watched Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

ferragamo794001/07/2020 07:36AM

  Yeah... Wasn't thrilled with it..

sstrams2601/07/2020 08:03AM

  Ok, saw The Grudge..

sstrams6301/02/2020 05:23PM

  Becomes only the 20th film ever

IowaRam3101/06/2020 04:29PM

  I believe it..

sstrams2001/07/2020 06:40AM

  I will still by the DVD before Pearl Harbor! nm

Ramgator1701/07/2020 06:43AM

  While I believe that..

sstrams1801/07/2020 06:54AM

  Binged "Dirty John"

Crazylegs6901/04/2020 08:44AM

  Re: Binged "Dirty John"

SeattleRam3701/04/2020 12:01PM

  Re: Binged "Dirty John"

waterfield3601/06/2020 08:28AM

  Re: Binged "Dirty John"

Crazylegs3401/07/2020 05:13AM

  I actually saw Midway again yesterday.

Ramgator14411/26/2019 03:04PM

  I have not been able to get anyone to go with me..

JamesJM5911/29/2019 09:10AM

  Yeah. Just go!

Ramgator6111/29/2019 03:50PM

  Call me crazy. Saw Midway AGAIN today. #3! LOL

Ramgator4512/02/2019 05:49PM

  Might as well..

sstrams3812/03/2019 02:33AM

  I've seen it once... so far...

RAMbler3812/03/2019 01:15PM

  Barbara and I saw it tonight

waterfield4312/07/2019 07:46PM

  Sweet... you'll dig Ferrari, as well..

sstrams3012/08/2019 06:28AM

  I'm holding out for a MUCH bigger car epic.

Ramgator2912/08/2019 07:24AM

  Which is a documentary about..

sstrams3812/08/2019 09:49AM

  Midway on BluRay , February 18,

IowaRam2401/06/2020 06:41PM

  COOL! I WILL get it!

Ramgator2601/07/2020 03:19AM

  Anybody see the trailer for 1917

ferragamo795912/28/2019 05:27PM

  Re: Anybody see the trailer for 1917

ferragamo792512/28/2019 05:33PM

  looks like the WWI version of Saving Private Ryan

Rampage2K-2912/30/2019 02:51PM

  Many consider it the best movie of the year

IowaRam2412/30/2019 03:11PM

  Did you ever see the made for TV flick "The Lost Battalion"?

Ramgator2612/30/2019 05:55PM

  Won Best Picture at the Golden Globes

IowaRam2301/06/2020 04:34PM

  Saw the trailer couple night ago...

JamesJM2101/06/2020 04:46PM

  A Cinematic Achievement Masterpiece

IowaRam2501/06/2020 05:59PM

  Watched 'Conspiracy' again last night...

JamesJM3801/06/2020 08:19AM

  That would be a tough one for me..

sstrams2301/06/2020 01:13PM

  You can never blame everyone...

JamesJM2701/06/2020 04:12PM

  Favorite scene in Judgment at Nuremberg

waterfield2901/06/2020 04:51PM

  Maxmillian Schell's closing argument in Judgement at Nuremberg

waterfield2801/06/2020 05:00PM

  I watch it every time its on.

SeattleRam3001/06/2020 05:12PM

  Facing reality, I'm not a cold weather person...

JamesJM3401/06/2020 06:49AM

  I HATE cold weather...

sstrams1901/06/2020 01:17PM

  I'm with ya. :) (nm)

JamesJM901/06/2020 04:09PM

  Somebody I know works in a doctor's office

MamaRAMa4701/06/2020 10:59AM

  That's awesome... lol

sstrams2101/06/2020 11:05AM

  FUNNIEST POST OF THE YEAR, maybe the decade :)

JamesJM2301/06/2020 11:20AM


ferragamo792401/06/2020 11:21AM

  sounds like the same foot in mouth disease.......

21Dog2401/06/2020 02:48PM

  Here I go! Gotta work tomorrow but starting Tuesday.......

Ramgator4101/05/2020 12:05PM

  Here's a photo of me in my STUD youth..... Attachments

Ramgator3101/05/2020 12:06PM

  You looked better back then...

sstrams2401/05/2020 12:21PM

  I'm 6'5" and 224lbs. 224 is not bad for my height BUT....

Ramgator2701/05/2020 01:25PM

  Yeah, I don't get it, myself..

sstrams2401/05/2020 02:59PM

  The 1980 flick, "Urban Cowboy"....

Ramgator5001/04/2020 04:07PM

  I'm gonna kill that..

sstrams2301/04/2020 05:21PM

  Don't read this....

JamesJM3201/05/2020 06:13AM

  What was really funny...

sstrams1701/05/2020 06:15AM

  so you're saying........

21Dog2001/05/2020 06:31AM

  At least they weren't...

sstrams1401/05/2020 06:56AM

  Tranquillity Cowboys... Attachments

JamesJM2301/05/2020 07:58AM

  Naaah! I thought it was a good portrayal of your typical.....

Ramgator1501/05/2020 10:48AM

  Re: The 1980 flick, "Urban Cowboy"....

IowaRam3001/05/2020 12:19PM

  I dunno, man...

sstrams1901/05/2020 12:22PM

  Have you ever been to Gilleys ?

IowaRam1901/05/2020 01:00PM

  Yeah, Gilley's was the bar..

sstrams2401/05/2020 01:25PM

  Didn't it burn down about 30 years ago? nm

Ramgator1301/05/2020 01:27PM

  I think so, yeah... but not 100% sure... nm

sstrams1401/05/2020 02:57PM

  OOOH! I liked her look!

Ramgator1401/05/2020 01:28PM

  Scott Glenn. My first memory of him was the TV flick......

Ramgator2101/05/2020 01:30PM

  Going Old School Today........

Arkansas Ram4601/05/2020 11:34AM

  Yup, I can get behind a GB vs KC SB....

JamesJM1801/05/2020 11:41AM


Arkansas Ram1401/05/2020 11:44AM

  Postmodern Jukebox

SeattleRam2801/04/2020 11:33PM

  Finally !!!!!!!!!!! , going to watch Fiddler On The Roof

IowaRam2601/02/2020 05:14PM

  Re: Finally !!!!!!!!!!! , going to watch Fiddler On The Roof

MamaRAMa2001/04/2020 04:01PM

  Enjoyed it quite a bit

IowaRam1701/04/2020 04:54PM

  I'm going to let you all in on a little secret ............music related

IowaRam5201/02/2020 02:38PM

  Well, you're not alone....

JamesJM3101/02/2020 03:48PM

  Re: Well, you're not alone....

IowaRam2201/02/2020 04:53PM

  Uncle Kracker - Drift Away

SeattleRam3301/02/2020 05:54PM

  Re: I'm going to let you all in on a little secret ............music related

Crazylegs3201/04/2020 01:08PM

  Old time hockey

SeattleRam3401/03/2020 10:13PM

  it figures......

21Dog1501/04/2020 05:44AM

  Awesome! That's when you really want...

sstrams1601/04/2020 06:44AM

  So I was re-watching.....

SeattleRam2901/02/2020 04:51PM

  Going to see Star Wars today. Not expecting much....

Ramgator6912/27/2019 05:20AM

  It was okayish

IowaRam2512/27/2019 06:44AM

  I liked it. Like I told my Step Son, who is a S.W. JUNKIE..

Ramgator3612/27/2019 04:01PM

  Gonna see it next week

ferragamo792412/28/2019 03:55PM

  HEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Where'd you get that????

Ramgator2312/29/2019 04:29AM

  Love this picture. Attachments

Ramgator3312/29/2019 04:34AM

  thats a good one

ferragamo791412/29/2019 04:39PM

  RAMbeau is at the theater seeing it as I type this

MamaRAMa2501/02/2020 08:50AM

  I have done that before. See a movie a few weeks later...

Ramgator2001/02/2020 09:31AM

  Yeah, agree with that..

sstrams2001/02/2020 09:33AM

  Let us know what he thought

IowaRam2201/02/2020 10:58AM

  I gave up after...

sstrams2101/02/2020 11:25AM

  I'm more a wanna be Star Wars fan

IowaRam2101/02/2020 12:20PM

  I'm 'sort' of in the same boat...

JamesJM1601/02/2020 12:58PM

  What the heck.. Merry Christmas to myself.. Attachments

sstrams3801/01/2020 12:23PM

  Do you have that one go to guitar ?

IowaRam1701/01/2020 02:51PM

  Well... good question...

sstrams1701/01/2020 04:09PM

  I got myself one of these

IowaRam1401/01/2020 03:04PM

  Ya got me...

JamesJM1901/01/2020 03:08PM

  So, I'm confused..

sstrams1901/01/2020 04:12PM

  It's the hardware....

JamesJM2301/01/2020 04:24PM

  you need to add one of these to your gear, Jimmy

21Dog2001/02/2020 06:28AM

  You're right. And I'm ashamed...

JamesJM1401/02/2020 07:24AM

  Yeah, I figured it was a hardware issue...

sstrams1301/02/2020 07:42AM

  Get your Taylor Swift tickets before their all gone

IowaRam1701/02/2020 05:55AM

  What i've learned this holiday season.....

Arkansas Ram3401/01/2020 10:39AM

  I'm the official garbage-taker-outer....

JamesJM2001/01/2020 01:08PM

  You guys need to man up! Around MY house???

Ramgator1701/02/2020 04:18AM

  Former NBA Commissioner David Stern Dies

Classicalwit4501/01/2020 05:29PM

  Re: Former NBA Commissioner David Stern Dies

george_allen2301/01/2020 05:32PM

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