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  Midway Teaser Trailer #1

IowaRam6706/27/2019 01:10PM

  GRRRRRRR!!!!!!! CLOSE to being perfect. BUT...

Ramgator4006/27/2019 05:02PM

  This is the best I've seen

waterfield5006/27/2019 07:36PM

  Some of that goes right over my head...

JamesJM2606/28/2019 05:22AM

  Re: Some of that goes right over my head...

zn2806/28/2019 11:25AM

  Thanks, and I more or less understand...

JamesJM1806/28/2019 01:10PM

  Re: Thanks, and I more or less understand...

zn2006/28/2019 01:16PM

  Re: Thanks, and I more or less understand...

zn1906/28/2019 01:30PM

  Yeah, it's not so much the pilots themselves...

JamesJM1606/28/2019 03:37PM

  Re: Yeah, it's not so much the pilots themselves...

zn2106/28/2019 03:39PM

  No, what I was thinking was....

JamesJM1906/28/2019 03:57PM

  Re: No, what I was thinking was....

zn2306/28/2019 04:16PM

  there's also this

zn2106/28/2019 07:18PM


JamesJM1606/28/2019 08:07PM

  Re: Interesting....

zn1906/29/2019 04:07AM

  Can you admit your most embarrassing moment?

JamesJM6406/23/2019 02:03PM

  Re: Can you admit your most embarrassing moment?

zn5406/23/2019 02:29PM


JamesJM2806/23/2019 02:36PM

  Well. . . two. . .

RAMbeau6306/23/2019 05:23PM


JamesJM2406/23/2019 05:38PM

  Interesting. . .

RAMbeau2006/24/2019 12:52PM

  I remember our first trip to the PX...

JamesJM1706/24/2019 01:05PM

  My most recent......

Arkansas Ram4306/24/2019 06:05AM

  There have been many...

sstrams4506/24/2019 02:02PM

  Ok, I'm not laughing....

JamesJM2306/24/2019 02:48PM

  No ! (nm)

waterfield2106/24/2019 04:33PM

  Nice try...

JamesJM2106/25/2019 04:18AM

  Re: Nice try...

waterfield2606/25/2019 06:53AM

  Re: Nice try...

IowaRam2306/25/2019 07:37AM

  Re: Nice try...

waterfield1906/25/2019 11:54AM

  Re: Can you admit your most embarrassing moment?

Rampage2K-4006/25/2019 03:46PM

  You're right..

JamesJM2106/25/2019 06:36PM

  Re: Can you admit your most embarrassing moment?

Aries2206/26/2019 02:56AM

  Re: Can you admit your most embarrassing moment?

MamaRAMa2606/26/2019 12:36PM

  Berlin Station

Crazylegs4406/25/2019 05:52PM

  Anyone watch CNN's Apollo 11 ?

waterfield6206/23/2019 10:00PM

  Re: Anyone watch CNN's Apollo 11 ?

Rampage2K-3906/25/2019 04:07PM

  Does my cousin own history? Attachments

JamesJM7506/19/2019 02:26PM

  Which reminds me.... historical markers...

JamesJM3206/19/2019 02:43PM

  I try not to stop in Coalinga.....

21Dog2606/19/2019 02:54PM

  Re: I try not to stop in Coalinga.....

RAMbler2006/21/2019 08:09AM

  Had to google it

IowaRam2806/19/2019 03:05PM

  Really, that surprises me....

JamesJM2906/19/2019 03:20PM

  Surprised me to

IowaRam2806/19/2019 03:31PM

  Here's the 'tale' as told to me....

JamesJM1906/22/2019 07:39AM

  James Dean's crash

waterfield2806/21/2019 09:13AM

  Very small plaque...

JamesJM2506/21/2019 11:45AM

  Re: Very small plaque...

waterfield2806/21/2019 08:34PM

  Not true... Attachments

JamesJM2106/22/2019 06:11AM

  Oh, also...

JamesJM2006/22/2019 06:13AM

  Interesting stuff

waterfield2606/22/2019 07:06AM

  Arrow are mine....

JamesJM2306/22/2019 07:44AM

  Oh, I should add...

JamesJM2406/22/2019 07:51AM

  that's a terrible stretch of highway

21Dog2006/23/2019 05:44AM


JamesJM2006/23/2019 05:58AM

  granted they've taken a long time.......

21Dog2106/23/2019 07:50AM

  Re: that's a terrible stretch of highway

waterfield2106/23/2019 06:38AM

  my grandfather.....

21Dog2106/23/2019 07:53AM

  Somewhat the same here....

JamesJM2206/23/2019 08:00AM

  quite a few sold out in Southern California.....

21Dog2106/23/2019 06:45PM

  Yes, my neighbor...

JamesJM2106/23/2019 07:10PM


waterfield1806/23/2019 09:53PM

  50's Sci-fi today....

JamesJM12106/23/2019 01:18PM

  Did you mean this for Bucky's Pub?

NewMexicoRam2106/23/2019 05:56PM

  YES, sorry.

JamesJM2206/23/2019 05:58PM

  LRSFest 2019, Oregon... (music)

JamesJM6806/17/2019 04:58PM

  More music, but not me... Page, Clapton, Beck...

JamesJM3306/17/2019 06:52PM

  I am a fan of all of these guys...

Atlantic Ram2506/18/2019 04:06PM

  Bonham is rarely mimicked.

JamesJM3206/18/2019 06:34PM

  one of my regrets.......

21Dog2406/19/2019 02:53PM

  Loved to have seen Beck....

JamesJM2306/19/2019 03:23PM

  Re: Loved to have seen Beck....

21Dog2206/19/2019 04:31PM


Atlantic Ram2406/20/2019 07:33PM

  A song I've wanted to play since forever ago...

JamesJM1906/23/2019 03:03PM

  Ok, I'm on a music rant, I admit it...

JamesJM2006/23/2019 03:13PM

  Lots of others...

JamesJM2006/23/2019 03:19PM

  Just got my 2019 Street & Smith's ....

Arkansas Ram6606/18/2019 05:50AM

  Kinda surprised they still publish those

IowaRam3206/19/2019 01:45PM

  Re: Kinda surprised they still publish those

Arkansas Ram2706/20/2019 04:16AM

  Rampages STILL ticks me off!

Ramgator3006/20/2019 11:06AM

  What year was that ?

IowaRam2706/20/2019 03:17PM

  Re: What year was that ?

Arkansas Ram2806/21/2019 08:27AM

  Around 1993 -94? Before that was Rampages. When they went under...

Ramgator1906/22/2019 06:08AM

  I remember Rampages profiled a Cheerleader with each issue and...

Ramgator1706/22/2019 06:10AM

  I got it wrong. Rams Update is the wrong that screwed everyone.

Ramgator1806/22/2019 06:13AM

  Southern Texas, Geez Louise.....

Arkansas Ram8006/20/2019 08:00AM

  It's been a cool start Spring

IowaRam2506/20/2019 03:19PM

  Re: It's been a cool start Spring

LMU932306/21/2019 05:00AM

  From drought to SOAKED!

Ramgator4606/19/2019 08:10AM

  We had a small tornado north of town yesterday Attachments

IowaRam2906/19/2019 03:50PM

  Yeh it's been insane. Wettest June I can remember.

RamUK2306/19/2019 05:59PM

  Killer Klowns From Outer Space....

JamesJM5106/16/2019 04:38AM

  I know a guy

waterfield2906/16/2019 10:01AM

  Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman.....

Arkansas Ram2406/18/2019 06:02AM

  Total Cult Classic! Last saw it while in the USAF about 30 years ago. nm

Ramgator2106/18/2019 08:16AM

  I have two favorite Cult Classics...... "Mars Attacks" (AHK!! AHK!!) and...

Ramgator2306/18/2019 08:17AM

  Bought a puppy !!! Attachments

IowaRam9505/27/2019 02:04PM

  Re: Bought a puppy !!!

MamaRAMa3805/27/2019 02:49PM

  No , not yet Attachments

IowaRam4005/27/2019 04:03PM

  Re: Bought a puppy !!!

Atlantic Ram3505/27/2019 05:48PM

  Re: Bought a puppy !!!

waterfield2805/27/2019 07:20PM

  yea , basically

IowaRam4105/27/2019 07:57PM

  Difference between East and West German Shepherds Attachments

IowaRam3405/28/2019 08:28AM

  Re: Awww man very cool Iowa!!!

Speed_Kills2505/31/2019 12:14PM

  good for you

zn2606/03/2019 12:47PM


waterfield3406/03/2019 06:02PM

  Lily Von Mun Ster Attachments

IowaRam3106/15/2019 10:40AM

  She looks perfect. Attachments

Atlantic Ram2206/17/2019 11:22AM

  DOCTOR SLEEP - Official Teaser Trailer

IowaRam4806/13/2019 02:26PM

  Looney Tunes Cartoons: Dynamite Dance

IowaRam3306/13/2019 05:52PM

  The Banana Splits Movie - Official Trailer

IowaRam2706/15/2019 02:58PM

  Congrats Blues fans!

BlueRidgeHorns5906/12/2019 05:43PM

  WOO-HOO!! We won the Stanley Cup!

MamaRAMa3306/12/2019 05:47PM

  Thank you. . . .

RAMbeau3206/12/2019 06:28PM

  old school Laker fan here

21Dog4906/13/2019 02:54AM

  Re: old school Laker fan here

RAMbeau2606/13/2019 05:38AM


sacram2606/12/2019 07:49PM

  They really whooped on the Bruins!

BlueRidgeHorns2906/13/2019 03:16AM

  Boston wasn't without its usual trickery. . .

RAMbeau4706/13/2019 07:39AM

  Red Auerbach was the king of that kind of garbage

21Dog2806/13/2019 08:43AM

  Boston fans: Worst Game 7 ever

MamaRAMa3306/13/2019 10:23AM

  85 was definitely sweet, BUT...

sacram2806/14/2019 11:27AM

  Rambis being clotheslined by McHale.....

Ramgator2406/14/2019 04:04PM

  Only in Boston. . .

RAMbeau3006/15/2019 01:20PM

  Stanley Cup - Game 7.

MamaRAMa4406/12/2019 05:00PM

  nothing like a Game 7....

21Dog3006/12/2019 05:05PM

  What feel-good kinda vids are you a sucker for

zn9106/03/2019 07:21PM

  color blindness

waterfield3906/03/2019 08:14PM

  Oh I have several...

JamesJM3906/04/2019 03:40AM

  Re: Oh I have several...

zn4406/04/2019 05:32AM

  Yup, remember him well...

JamesJM3206/04/2019 08:46AM

  For personal reasons. . .

RAMbeau5206/04/2019 12:45PM

  Re: For personal reasons. . .

waterfield3606/04/2019 12:54PM

  So very true nm. . .

RAMbeau3106/04/2019 01:15PM

  good post

zn3406/04/2019 01:21PM

  Re: What feel-good kinda vids are you a sucker for

canadaram3806/05/2019 03:09PM

  Re: What feel-good kinda vids are you a sucker for

MamaRAMa3906/05/2019 03:26PM

  Re: What feel-good kinda vids are you a sucker for

JamesJM3006/05/2019 04:44PM

  Dave Volsky .... old NFL videos

JoeMad5606/10/2019 08:02AM

  Re: Dave Volsky .... old NFL videos

Crazylegs4006/11/2019 04:06AM

  I think you and I may have both been there

waterfield2506/11/2019 07:54AM

  SI Vault 1967 Rams Packers

JoeMad2206/12/2019 06:23AM

  Thanks for that... great read...

JamesJM2106/12/2019 06:29AM

  More into the NBA or the NHL.....

JamesJM3706/12/2019 06:13AM

  So a big fat boxer beat a guy with 6-pack abs...

JamesJM6206/05/2019 05:29PM

  Re: So a big fat boxer beat a guy with 6-pack abs...

zn4706/05/2019 06:00PM

  Don't give up your day job....

JamesJM3606/06/2019 09:00AM

  that's good advice

zn3606/09/2019 01:21PM

  Re: So a big fat boxer beat a guy with 6-pack abs...

IowaRam3806/06/2019 10:09AM

  I have a neighbor who is always in trouble with the Police.

Ramgator8506/04/2019 06:17PM

  Sooooooooooo. . .

RAMbeau5006/05/2019 04:56PM

  OH!!! And my other neighbor.....

Ramgator3506/07/2019 09:41AM

  There's my neighbor who's ALWAYS prepared....

Ramgator3706/07/2019 09:42AM

  My Cousins who run a Funeral Home.....

Ramgator3806/07/2019 09:44AM

  Funeral Home jokes.....

Arkansas Ram3706/07/2019 12:08PM


Ramgator3606/07/2019 06:23PM

  Columbo.... a well known actress... and one more thing....

JamesJM6706/04/2019 05:14PM

  Re: Columbo.... a well known actress... and one more thing....

BlueRidgeHorns3906/05/2019 05:54PM

  William Powell as Nick Charles..........

Arkansas Ram3506/07/2019 04:37AM

  You got that right....

JamesJM3106/07/2019 05:35AM

  Our nicknames for each other are Nick and Nora...

Arkansas Ram3206/07/2019 07:36AM

  You probably already know this

IowaRam2506/07/2019 04:18PM

  I'm far to busy

IowaRam2606/07/2019 04:36PM

  This will be the least watched video I've ever posted here...

JamesJM5906/06/2019 09:33AM

  The 2nd video....

JamesJM2506/06/2019 02:29PM

  Re: The 2nd video....

MamaRAMa2806/06/2019 02:46PM

  Re: This will be the least watched video I've ever posted here...

MamaRAMa2906/06/2019 02:48PM

  1st place in every dance....

JamesJM3006/06/2019 03:02PM


JamesJM2506/06/2019 03:08PM

  Re: 1st place in every dance....

MamaRAMa3106/06/2019 03:20PM

  Missouri representation....

JamesJM2706/06/2019 04:39PM

  Just need to thank Mama...

JamesJM3206/06/2019 08:39PM

  Someone else watched. . .

RAMbeau3406/07/2019 08:23AM

  One of my favorite opening scenes

waterfield8106/06/2019 06:22PM

  Yup, won't find me disagreeing...

JamesJM3606/06/2019 06:36PM

  Found a Facebook page I'm addicted to...."Carriers".

Ramgator6803/09/2019 04:14PM

  Not going to actually share which Facebook that is ?................lol Attachments

IowaRam3603/10/2019 07:32AM


IowaRam3403/10/2019 07:45AM

  First look at your Midway

IowaRam6303/10/2019 07:50AM

  Re: Found a Facebook page I'm addicted to...."Carriers".

IowaRam2706/06/2019 06:19PM

  Ford Vs Ferrari - Official Trailer

IowaRam4606/03/2019 07:43PM

  2 things:

waterfield3306/03/2019 08:08PM

  A tangent...

JamesJM3406/04/2019 03:44AM

  Re: A tangent...

waterfield2506/04/2019 12:59PM

  Did I tell you guys when I studied abroad after High School??

Ramgator4706/03/2019 02:01PM

  I knew.. . .

RAMbeau3506/03/2019 02:51PM

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