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  Have a thankful Thanksgiving my friends. . .

RAMbeau16511/22/2017 01:50PM

  Dinner without football?? AHHHH GU GU GU!! Reminds me of..

Ramgator5511/22/2017 03:01PM


Ramgator4411/22/2017 03:10PM

  Ah - "The Best of Times"...

sstrams4011/23/2017 05:04AM

  Re: Have a thankful Thanksgiving my friends. . .

73Ram4311/23/2017 04:07AM

  Back at ya, Frank... and by the way..

JamesJM4611/23/2017 04:24AM

  Have a Happy Thanksgiving RAMbeau and Mama!

sstrams3811/23/2017 05:05AM

  same to you and Vickie

21Dog4611/23/2017 06:37AM

  Happy Thanksgiving buddy to

ferragamo794011/23/2017 08:11AM

  Envy you guys and gals

waterfield4811/24/2017 07:15PM

  Re: Envy you guys and gals

73Ram4911/26/2017 05:47AM

  Re: Envy you guys and gals

waterfield4811/26/2017 07:40AM

  Re: Envy you guys and gals

73Ram4411/26/2017 04:46PM

  I have a new favorite frozen pizza. Dirt Cheap and from Walmart...

Ramgator17811/25/2017 04:14PM

  Re: I have a new favorite frozen pizza. Dirt Cheap and from Walmart...

MamaRAMa7711/26/2017 03:51AM

  Re: I have a new favorite frozen pizza. Dirt Cheap and from Walmart...

six2stack3811/26/2017 07:20AM

  I agree

IowaRam5711/26/2017 10:38AM

  I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

JamesJM86911/21/2017 09:07AM


laram7311/21/2017 09:09AM

  Much appreciated...

JamesJM8011/21/2017 09:35AM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

Rampage2K-7911/21/2017 09:16AM

  many thank, Rampage...

JamesJM6411/21/2017 10:00AM

  Ball out, Gavin! (Nm)

Ramsfsninmd6311/21/2017 09:23AM

  Re: here is what I might say

Steve7611/21/2017 09:26AM

  Good words of advice, Steve, thanks (nm)

JamesJM7011/21/2017 10:00AM

  Photo of Gavin... Attachments

JamesJM11311/21/2017 09:27AM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

Killrazor6511/21/2017 10:04AM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

MamaRAMa7711/21/2017 10:07AM

  You know... I'm not in the least reluctant to say this...

JamesJM7411/21/2017 10:10AM

  What Mama just said...

Rams437111/21/2017 10:47AM

  Here ya go, Gavin....

max8611/21/2017 10:09AM

  LOL, Max... great choice. (nm)

JamesJM5511/21/2017 10:48AM

  Re:Was so impressed with those boys when we met last year

embraceable_ewe836511/21/2017 10:14AM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

BeachBoy6811/21/2017 10:25AM

  Garces... now that's legend...

JamesJM5911/21/2017 10:33AM

  Re: Garces... now that's legend...

21Dog5511/21/2017 01:33PM

  LOL, I knew that was coming....

JamesJM5411/21/2017 01:37PM

  I'm a TU and a Kerman fan Friday night

21Dog5911/21/2017 01:41PM

  Gavin - I think you KNOW what kind of can to open up!

sstrams6511/21/2017 11:43AM

  I haven't spoken with him today....

JamesJM7811/21/2017 11:58AM

  "he's coming around, realizing he has no choice"

sstrams5411/21/2017 12:59PM

  Go Gavin!

AlbaNY_Ram6711/21/2017 01:43PM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

govane6411/21/2017 01:50PM

  Wow, great story...

JamesJM6011/21/2017 01:51PM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

RamsFanSince696111/21/2017 01:58PM


RFIP5211/21/2017 02:01PM

  You got this. Go get 'em

Old Goat6111/21/2017 02:15PM

  Go gettem Gavin!!

sacram6511/21/2017 02:17PM

  We're with you Gavin!

Ram Fan Teacher6711/21/2017 02:24PM

  Gavin, we met at the Seahawk game last year.

Saguaro7511/21/2017 02:42PM

  Re: The purpose of the game is to...

Ramdom6111/21/2017 02:45PM

  Go Gavin and good luck

Deadpool5511/21/2017 02:52PM

  Well duh!

RamUK6111/21/2017 02:53PM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

ramfansince696311/21/2017 04:28PM

  Gavin, Just Give 100%

droopy6811/21/2017 06:27PM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

bigjimram215611/21/2017 06:46PM

  Go Gavin!

brgjoe6111/21/2017 10:38PM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

RamsFanFromRio5211/22/2017 01:18AM

  Go Gavin!!!! We are with you!

Hazlet Hacksaw6011/22/2017 01:29AM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

HerdAdmin5911/22/2017 01:39AM

  Go Gavin

Crazylegs6711/22/2017 03:12AM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

roman185911/22/2017 03:16AM

  Re: Fired up, and relaxed.......all in one

leafnose5511/22/2017 04:58AM

  We all know you'll do your best Gavin!

RAMbler5011/22/2017 06:53AM

  Gavin why worry when WE already know YOU GOT THIS!

BlackSheep5611/22/2017 06:58AM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

73Ram4111/22/2017 07:26AM

  Go Gavin!!

mexram5011/22/2017 07:37AM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

Los Angeles Lenny5511/22/2017 07:54AM


fearsomefoursome5511/22/2017 08:04AM

  To my Herd Family... THANKS....

JamesJM7811/22/2017 08:23AM


JamesJM6211/22/2017 08:43AM

  Re: P.S....

Steve6111/22/2017 07:53PM

  Golden West

Firecap5911/22/2017 10:05AM

  Gavin sends you all a big Thanks....

JamesJM6911/22/2017 11:56AM

  Go Gavin! (nm

wv ram4911/22/2017 12:19PM

  GIve It All You Got Gavin!!!!!!!

RamFanInPA5911/22/2017 01:30PM

  Re: Get at em’ Gavin!

Speed_Kills5711/22/2017 02:24PM

  Believe it and "Bring it Home" Gavo!

Florida_Ram8611/22/2017 02:31PM

  Thanks and sent you a note for him

BumRap6411/22/2017 05:46PM

  Got it, Bumrap..

JamesJM4111/22/2017 05:57PM

  Re: I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

oldschoolramfan5011/22/2017 06:01PM

  Re: Wow this is exciting!! Pulling for the kid!

tomatosan5411/22/2017 06:08PM

  Prepare, execute, do your best...Go Gavin!

Razorback5811/22/2017 07:00PM

  Molon Labe

stlramz8711/22/2017 08:41PM

  late to the party

zn5911/22/2017 09:24PM

  Update... a reprieve?

JamesJM5911/23/2017 04:12AM

  I agree with ya, Jimmy..

sstrams5311/23/2017 05:12AM

  the season ends... it was a good one...

JamesJM6611/24/2017 09:28PM

  Re: the season ends... it was a good one...

MamaRAMa5111/25/2017 03:17AM

  We lost....

JamesJM4211/25/2017 04:10AM

  was at the game in Tulare last night.......

21Dog5911/25/2017 04:40AM

  What's Kaz like in person? And I'll be at the Bulldog game..

JamesJM5011/25/2017 04:59AM

  we'll be there

21Dog4511/25/2017 05:12AM

  No idea

JamesJM5511/25/2017 06:08AM

  if you're on the east side......

21Dog4611/25/2017 06:15AM

  To JamesJM

Aries15011/23/2017 12:30PM

  Happy Birthday Jimmy!

sstrams5511/23/2017 01:03PM

  And to you Aries...

JamesJM2811/23/2017 01:46PM

  Re: And to you Aries...

Aries5711/23/2017 02:42PM

  Re: And to you Aries...

73Ram5311/23/2017 04:37PM

  happy birthday to the both of you

21Dog4511/23/2017 04:52PM


Aries4311/23/2017 05:10PM

  A twofer for two . . ..

RAMbeau3711/23/2017 05:20PM

  Re: To JamesJM

Shaky3811/24/2017 12:44AM

  Yeah happy birthday amigo

zn4811/24/2017 05:38AM

  Grandson football, should be happy, no?

JamesJM28711/21/2017 08:32AM

  not that I've ever been through it......

21Dog6111/21/2017 08:44AM

  Its a tough spot to be in but.....

GreatRamNTheSky5711/21/2017 09:50AM

  Thank you, GRITS. (nm)

JamesJM5211/21/2017 09:51AM

  Yet more bad news...

JamesJM6511/21/2017 11:35AM

  Its all good....

sstrams6011/21/2017 11:46AM

  hehe, thanks, Steve....

JamesJM5411/21/2017 12:05PM

  Re: Grandson football, should be happy, no?

Barf335511/21/2017 01:36PM

  Kick Golden West Butt!

Firecap5311/21/2017 02:52PM

  Re: Grandson football, should be happy, no?

RamsFanFromRio4711/22/2017 01:16AM

  There are life lessons here...

jemach4911/22/2017 04:05AM

  Re: We are proud of you Gavin, Do your best

BumRap4611/22/2017 05:42PM

  Proud of you bro

LompocRAM5511/22/2017 06:59PM

  Anyone ever have the early 70s game..BATTLE BALL???

Ramgator11611/22/2017 11:07AM

  You talking about the game Crossfire?

IowaRam7111/22/2017 02:12PM

  Very similar

Ramgator3411/22/2017 02:58PM

  Just spent about an hour on memory lane / Sears Wish Book site.

Ramgator12011/15/2017 11:25AM

  Re: Just spent about an hour on memory lane / Sears Wish Book site.

MamaRAMa6211/15/2017 11:33AM

  Not sure if this is the web site , or not

IowaRam5511/15/2017 01:18PM


Ramgator4511/15/2017 04:51PM

  I was a proactive child

ferragamo795911/15/2017 12:51PM


IowaRam4911/15/2017 01:30PM

  give her what she really wants for Christmas

IowaRam7911/15/2017 03:17PM

  LOL awesome

ferragamo795111/16/2017 09:25AM

  Re: LOL awesome

waterfield4911/16/2017 06:40PM

  getting her a new car and

ferragamo794111/21/2017 03:10PM

  Hey '79!

sstrams4011/17/2017 04:52AM

  an iron, LOL....

LMU934611/22/2017 06:09AM

  RIP David Cassidy

Ramgator18711/21/2017 04:26PM


IowaRam6711/21/2017 05:37PM

  EVERY freekin year!!!!!!! UGH

ferragamo7911811/21/2017 10:28AM

  You know what they say...

JamesJM3811/21/2017 11:11AM

  Malcolm Young , Dead at 64

IowaRam16111/18/2017 02:12PM

  Charles Manson died.........nm

IowaRam3811/20/2017 06:18AM

  my former neighbor

21Dog7211/20/2017 06:25AM

  Re: my former neighbor

IowaRam5211/20/2017 01:14PM

  Charlie's place was in Southern Calif

21Dog4411/20/2017 02:13PM

  You live near Corcoran?

RAMbeau6011/20/2017 06:29PM

  I've seen some of those shows

21Dog4211/20/2017 07:29PM

  In the San Joaquin Valley we're all....

JamesJM5111/20/2017 08:19PM

  Mel Gillis died.......nm

IowaRam4711/20/2017 06:19AM

  so did Mel Tillis

21Dog3811/20/2017 06:23AM


IowaRam5211/20/2017 07:10AM

  RIP Della Reese

Ramgator8411/20/2017 08:49AM

  If anyone would have told me 20 years ago that. . . .

RAMbeau17011/17/2017 07:41AM

  LOL, you'll love the SpongeBob years....

JamesJM5711/17/2017 07:44AM

  Being Grandpa is the best...

RAMbler5711/17/2017 08:18AM

  My oldest grandson...

JamesJM5911/17/2017 09:17AM

  went through the Thomas.........

21Dog4811/17/2017 10:02AM

  I forgot about dinosaurs...

JamesJM5511/17/2017 11:46AM

  Re: Being Grandpa is the best...

RAMbeau4111/18/2017 03:43AM

  Re: Being Grandpa is the best...

21Dog5611/18/2017 03:57AM

  Congrats Frank....

73Ram6511/17/2017 11:36AM

  Re: If anyone would have told me 20 years ago that. . . .

waterfield4311/17/2017 04:34PM

  Re: If anyone would have told me 20 years ago that. . . .

Speed_Kills4311/18/2017 03:44AM

  Speed. . . . . .

RAMbeau5611/20/2017 05:08AM

  Try getting "The Wiggles" songs stuck in your head!!

Ramgator5011/18/2017 02:54PM

  I hate to be a snitch...

JamesJM16011/17/2017 12:54PM

  Alright Jimmy Snowden.....

sstrams5211/17/2017 01:02PM

  Tell em SST!!!!!!

Ramgator5511/17/2017 04:01PM

  Well, in this case 'Gator..

sstrams5611/17/2017 06:27PM

  If you're in this much trouble for having one Viking fan for a friend

IowaRam6011/17/2017 06:49PM


JamesJM6111/17/2017 08:55PM

  Yeah, SaintsFan was great...

sstrams4811/19/2017 07:44AM

  Re: LOL....

Headslap755511/19/2017 03:42PM

  David Cassidy of The Partridge Family not doing well at all.

Ramgator12811/18/2017 02:51PM

  Oh man

IowaRam6911/18/2017 03:10PM

  Farmers, implements and Thanksgiving...

Arkansas Ram11411/18/2017 10:00AM

  Remember when people used to can thier own food

IowaRam3711/18/2017 02:44PM

  My iPhone X arrived....

JamesJM22111/03/2017 03:07PM

  Re: My iPhone X (bummer story)

Arkansas Ram5511/18/2017 07:46AM

  Megan Levy.....

Arkansas Ram11311/18/2017 05:28AM

  Early reviews of Thor: Ragnorak

zn37410/13/2017 07:48PM

  Can't wait

IowaRam6910/14/2017 09:38AM

  My exact feelings Iowa

six2stack5910/17/2017 01:32AM

  Okay, I'll finish now

six2stack6510/17/2017 08:51AM

  Re: My exact feelings Iowa

waterfield6610/17/2017 01:46PM


IowaRam5910/17/2017 02:32PM

  Black Panther trailer

IowaRam6410/16/2017 05:30AM

  Reviews are coming in , 100% on rottentoamtoes

IowaRam7710/19/2017 08:45AM

  What is Ragnarok ?

IowaRam8110/26/2017 04:11PM

  saw it

zn7611/03/2017 08:23AM

  Re: saw it

six2stack4111/09/2017 07:59AM

  Re: saw it

zn4411/09/2017 04:15PM

  Re: saw it

73Ram3611/11/2017 07:22AM

  Thor III , 1987 trailer

IowaRam6911/07/2017 08:02AM

  Saw it last night

IowaRam6211/11/2017 02:19PM

  Re it sucked

Speed_Kills6111/15/2017 10:17AM

  Justice League,

IowaRam5111/15/2017 01:41PM

  Re: Justice League,

Speed_Kills4111/15/2017 04:53PM

  Re: I saw Justice League last night

Speed_Kills4911/18/2017 03:42AM

  Deadpool’s “Wet on Wet” Teaser

IowaRam4911/15/2017 01:53PM

  Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald , first look , tease

IowaRam7311/16/2017 10:28AM

  Rampage trailer

IowaRam4911/16/2017 04:51PM

  Does this amaze you as much as it does me... un-contacted civilizations..

JamesJM9611/15/2017 09:02PM

  Re: Does this amaze you as much as it does me... un-contacted civilizations..

73Ram5311/16/2017 06:56AM

  I don't know. . . .

RAMbeau4411/16/2017 03:15PM

  Re: I don't know. . . .

73Ram3211/17/2017 11:38AM

  what are pants?

ferragamo795711/16/2017 09:22AM

  Went to a Raider game once

waterfield5011/16/2017 09:26AM

  Not hard to see why sstRams and Waterfield love the sea... Attachments

JamesJM12711/13/2017 12:14PM

  3 more photos Attachments

JamesJM5611/13/2017 12:26PM

  That is just gorgeous...

sstrams6011/13/2017 02:35PM

  What did you think of Ashton's hair?

JamesJM4811/13/2017 02:41PM

  The one with the Justin Guarini 'do?

sstrams4611/14/2017 03:06AM

  I had to look up Guarini....

JamesJM4011/14/2017 03:50AM

  Sorry for the comparison..

sstrams4811/14/2017 06:04AM

  Re: Sorry for the comparison..

MamaRAMa4311/14/2017 06:46AM

  sstrams... the HAIR... better photo.... Attachments

JamesJM5411/17/2017 03:36AM

  Not to make light of a bad thing, but...

sstrams3211/17/2017 04:50AM

  He has no shortage of female fans....

JamesJM5311/17/2017 05:07AM

  at that age..........

21Dog4611/17/2017 05:19AM

  They do, 21....

sstrams4811/17/2017 05:26AM

  Good for him......

sstrams4311/17/2017 05:28AM

  Re: Good for him......

waterfield3511/17/2017 07:20AM

  Re: Not hard to see why sstRams and Waterfield love the sea...

IowaRam5511/14/2017 04:45AM

  love Monterey........

21Dog4511/14/2017 06:32AM

  How many of the course have you played?

JamesJM5411/14/2017 07:09AM

  Re: How many of the course have you played?

21Dog4811/14/2017 10:07AM

  I forgot...

JamesJM5911/14/2017 11:28AM

  Re: How many of the course have you played?

waterfield3711/17/2017 07:28AM

  A Thanksgiving to Remember

MamaRAMa9411/15/2017 10:11AM

  Thanksgiving and electric roasters

waterfield4911/15/2017 02:01PM

  Thanksgiving and electric roasters

waterfield4611/15/2017 02:03PM

  not a single memory........

21Dog4211/17/2017 03:55AM

  good post, 21...

JamesJM3711/17/2017 04:08AM

  What is best paint for painting hub caps?

Ramgator7211/16/2017 10:53AM

  Re: What is best paint for painting hub caps?

RAMbeau4711/16/2017 03:10PM

  So friend of my daughter's posted a photo of a persimmon pie...

JamesJM8711/16/2017 02:27PM

  *SIGH*. . . OR . . . .

RAMbeau14411/11/2017 06:41AM

  THIS, made my day....

JamesJM4211/11/2017 06:53AM

  I'M BACK!!!!!!

73Ram4011/11/2017 07:02AM

  Re: *SIGH*. . . OR . . . .

Shaky4411/11/2017 07:08AM


sstrams3411/11/2017 07:10AM

  Re: *SIGH*. . . OR . . . .

IowaRam4511/11/2017 07:14AM

  welcome back to the looney bin

21Dog4411/11/2017 07:41AM


ferragamo796811/11/2017 05:22PM

  AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! HILARIOUS joke time is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramgator3611/14/2017 03:35PM


Ramgator4511/14/2017 03:36PM

  THAT'S MY CUE. . . .

RAMbeau4411/15/2017 07:25AM

  See ya RAMbeau....

sstrams3711/15/2017 01:17PM

  Now THAT was funny....

RAMbeau4111/15/2017 02:51PM

  Then you'd be.......

Ramgator3111/15/2017 04:46PM

  Welcome back RAMbeau !

RAMbler2911/15/2017 06:54AM

  Re: *SIGH*. . . OR . . . .

canadaram3611/15/2017 10:22AM

  Good to see YOU too, Canada..

sstrams3011/15/2017 11:28AM


ferragamo792811/15/2017 12:48PM

  And good to see you. . .

RAMbeau4011/15/2017 02:56PM


Ramsrule5411/15/2017 05:08PM


JamesJM8211/15/2017 04:13PM

  Re: Test reply from android

Ramsrule3111/15/2017 05:02PM

  Re: Test reply from android

Ramsrule4011/15/2017 05:04PM

  This topic has been moved. I have no right to ask this of you, the board....

JamesJM66811/23/2017 03:57AM

  This topic has been moved. Anyone ever have the early 70s game..BATTLE BALL???

Ramgator711/22/2017 11:24AM

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