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  Minor League Baseball-back when

waterfield2711/01/2019 01:41PM

  I need to retire...

sstrams10410/28/2019 11:07AM

  I retire from JFRD in 1 yr and 8 months. I'll be 54.

Ramgator3110/28/2019 02:43PM

  Good for you buddy! Enjoy life!

ferragamo792210/29/2019 07:56AM

  That's awesome, Gator...

sstrams2010/29/2019 04:14PM

  A paid for house is awesome.

Ramgator2410/29/2019 06:03PM

  Yeah, its nice..

sstrams1810/30/2019 03:11AM

  happy for you, Gator

21Dog1810/30/2019 03:56AM

  Thank you.

Ramgator2110/30/2019 04:34AM


MamaRAMa1811/01/2019 12:55PM

  Re: I retire from JFRD in 1 yr and 8 months. I'll be 54.

Aries1811/01/2019 12:22PM

  man I don't know how you do it

ferragamo791810/30/2019 07:11AM

  Sheer will power, '79..

sstrams1710/30/2019 09:07AM

  I semi-retired from my band some years ago....

JamesJM2110/30/2019 11:06AM

  You should do your..

sstrams2010/30/2019 02:30PM

  Good grief Steve that was a Laurel and Hardy routine...

JamesJM1610/30/2019 03:09PM

  Jimmy that makes you a hero..

sstrams1710/31/2019 03:01AM

  RELAX everyone! I am SST's back up!

Ramgator1610/30/2019 02:47PM


sstrams1510/30/2019 02:58PM

  Just switch to playing Folk Music

Aries2211/01/2019 12:55PM

  That would solve it..

sstrams1311/01/2019 01:19PM

  How long has the Herd been around?

SeattleRam10510/23/2019 12:03AM

  I'm really good with time..........

Arkansas Ram7810/23/2019 06:16AM

  Re: How long has the Herd been around?

MamaRAMa4410/23/2019 09:56AM

  Re: How long has the Herd been around?

NorCalRamFan4710/23/2019 01:01PM

  think I joined in

ferragamo793710/23/2019 04:42PM

  I don't remember exactly....

JamesJM3810/23/2019 05:46PM

  Re: I don't remember exactly....

Aries3610/31/2019 02:45PM

  If you're right...

JamesJM2710/31/2019 05:42PM


21Dog1811/01/2019 04:04AM

  my rookie year was 2000

21Dog3910/23/2019 06:10PM

  Post Dispatch, when some people used to think that Tony Banks was a good QB

JoeMad5310/25/2019 10:52AM

  21Dog... remember these days? Attachments

JamesJM8110/30/2019 11:17AM

  of course

21Dog3510/31/2019 05:23AM

  Back in my backpacking days....

JamesJM2810/31/2019 10:50AM

  Re: Back in my backpacking days....

21Dog1611/01/2019 04:02AM

  You would think my daughter would have learned by now...

JamesJM4310/31/2019 03:48AM

  She had you figured out...

sstrams2310/31/2019 04:23AM

  Eating challenges

SeattleRam7510/26/2019 07:26PM

  Re: Eating challenges

RAMbeau2910/30/2019 05:56PM

  Overeating is miserable....

JamesJM2810/31/2019 03:24AM

  Re: Eating challenges

MamaRAMa2910/31/2019 04:08AM

  Fingers crossed. My SBD ride is scheduled for Halloween!

Ramgator16010/25/2019 01:58PM

  Re: Fingers crossed. My SBD ride is scheduled for Halloween!

MamaRAMa2710/25/2019 03:53PM

  Old WWII NAVY Dive Bomber

IowaRam3210/25/2019 04:19PM

  Re: Fingers crossed. My SBD ride is scheduled for Halloween!

21Dog2610/26/2019 03:55AM

  That's off the hook, 'Dog...

sstrams1910/26/2019 05:31AM

  This is the one I want to fly in-if possible Attachments

waterfield3110/25/2019 05:13PM

  Sorry-here's the actual plane Attachments

waterfield3310/25/2019 05:16PM

  Re: Sorry-here's the actual plane

zn2810/26/2019 04:46AM

  Good catch, zn...

sstrams2710/26/2019 05:35AM

  Dude you might not get to fly it..

sstrams2510/25/2019 05:40PM

  Re: Dude you might not get to fly it..

waterfield2710/25/2019 05:44PM

  Yeah, I agree....

sstrams1910/26/2019 05:30AM

  Re: Yeah, I agree....

waterfield1910/26/2019 10:35AM

  Its cool, man..

sstrams2210/27/2019 11:53AM

  Re: Its cool, man..

waterfield1910/27/2019 01:01PM

  Totally my pleasure..

sstrams2310/27/2019 01:10PM

  Confirmed today. IT'S ON!!

Ramgator2410/26/2019 03:58PM

  Timed it about right then

IowaRam2310/26/2019 05:19PM


Ramgator1910/27/2019 02:34PM


IowaRam2110/27/2019 02:44PM

  This is THE SBD I'll be riding in. Attachments

Ramgator2710/27/2019 02:37PM

  Those look like LIVE bombs

IowaRam2310/27/2019 02:45PM

  Gator gets to pull the bomb release trigger..

sstrams2010/27/2019 03:11PM

  But before I do...

Ramgator2110/28/2019 02:32AM

  I hope you get an awesome ride, Gator..

sstrams1410/28/2019 06:17AM

  When I first inquired over a year ago....

Ramgator1610/28/2019 02:34AM

  What I really want to do is start that baby up!

Ramgator1710/28/2019 02:36AM

  My Wife is going to take photos/ video.

Ramgator2010/28/2019 02:38AM

  Re: My Wife is going to take photos/ video.

waterfield1810/28/2019 11:30AM

  Can you mount a gopro in the cockpit with you?

sstrams1510/28/2019 12:14PM

  Thats what I was going to suggest

IowaRam1310/28/2019 01:43PM

  Yeah, sometimes they won't let you, tho..

sstrams1610/28/2019 01:50PM

  I don't have one.

Ramgator1310/28/2019 02:33PM

  Yeah, definitely LIVE the moment..

sstrams1710/28/2019 02:47PM

  Stanley Winfield "Swede" Vejtasa

SeattleRam2110/28/2019 03:05AM

  Got your cap and goggles

IowaRam1410/29/2019 10:02AM

  Behind the 50 Cals is a must!!! Nm

Ramgator1210/29/2019 10:07AM

  Your son ever hear any more from the NAVY

IowaRam1110/29/2019 10:51AM


Ramgator1510/29/2019 11:13AM

  Change of plans for the BETTER!

Ramgator1510/29/2019 11:18AM

  Yeah, weather can definitely jack it up..

sstrams1410/29/2019 11:33AM

  As a vet WWII plane rider....

JamesJM1710/29/2019 12:54PM

  always gets me thinking

ferragamo791910/30/2019 07:13AM

  "Unbroken"...What a book!!!!!!

Ramgator1710/30/2019 02:49PM

  My most depraved fantasy...

JamesJM8010/23/2019 07:06PM

  Re: My most depraved fantasy...

SeattleRam3810/25/2019 01:19AM

  This is probably mine... Attachments

Atlantic Ram4210/26/2019 10:51AM


waterfield2910/29/2019 11:21AM

  No real desire to ride the hobo way

IowaRam2610/29/2019 02:12PM

  The Mandalorian – Official Trailer 2

IowaRam4110/28/2019 04:35PM

  More White Shark stuff

waterfield4010/28/2019 10:23AM

  Can't view it..

sstrams1310/28/2019 10:38AM

  Re: Can't view it..

waterfield1210/28/2019 11:29AM

  Was it this vid?

sstrams1710/28/2019 11:44AM


waterfield1410/28/2019 12:25PM

  Musicians, Celebrities passing on.. sometimes there is good news!

JamesJM5610/25/2019 10:56AM

  first stuffed animal I remember having.......

21Dog2010/27/2019 05:31AM

  Mine was 'Yankee Doodle'... a stuffed dog.

JamesJM1710/27/2019 05:57AM

  Senior Night... how did it get here so fast? Attachments

JamesJM7310/25/2019 06:39AM

  Re: Senior Night... how did it get here so fast?

ferragamo792710/25/2019 08:14AM

  It was all I hoped for....

JamesJM1810/25/2019 08:56PM

  Gavin seals the victory, my son-in-law steals the show...

JamesJM1810/26/2019 03:42AM

  what a memory

21Dog1610/26/2019 03:54AM

  yeah he could have been tackled 3 or 4 times and gets in

ferragamo791910/26/2019 07:29AM

  thank you, Todd...

JamesJM1710/27/2019 05:27AM

  wit and wisdom.......

21Dog5710/25/2019 04:19AM

  Re: wit and wisdom.......

SeattleRam3510/25/2019 07:53PM

  For sstrams

MamaRAMa15510/23/2019 06:33AM


Arkansas Ram1810/23/2019 07:08AM

  Thanks Arkansas.... appreciate it! nm

sstrams1610/23/2019 07:34AM

  Thank you so much, Mama!

sstrams2310/23/2019 07:33AM

  Mama knows all....

JamesJM2010/23/2019 07:44AM

  She does..

sstrams1910/23/2019 09:03AM

  Re: She does..

MamaRAMa1710/23/2019 09:53AM

  Oh sweet!

sstrams1810/23/2019 10:33AM

  I know two Herd Member's birthdays...

JamesJM2110/23/2019 10:10AM

  Re: I know two Herd Member's birthdays...

MamaRAMa1910/23/2019 10:16AM

  Re: For sstrams

RAMbler2010/23/2019 10:21AM

  Thanks so much, RAMbler..

sstrams3410/23/2019 10:34AM

  Re: For sstrams

IowaRam2110/23/2019 01:24PM

  Thanks Iowa..

sstrams2010/23/2019 02:21PM

  SST is SO old! HOW OLD IS HE?????

Ramgator1910/23/2019 04:32PM

  Thank you Gator...! Old enough..

sstrams1910/23/2019 05:03PM

  EXCLUSIVE!!!! Photo of SST's cake being lit! Attachments

Ramgator2010/23/2019 04:33PM

  That would be awesome!

sstrams1910/23/2019 05:04PM

  EXCLUSIVE!!!!!! Photo of SST's cake candles being blown out! Attachments

Ramgator2010/23/2019 04:35PM

  Oh man.. I didn't even get a..

sstrams1710/23/2019 05:04PM

  Happy Birthday to one of my

ferragamo791810/23/2019 04:41PM

  Thanks so much '79 and back atcha..

sstrams1510/23/2019 05:05PM

  a little something for our friend Steve

21Dog1910/23/2019 04:42PM

  Oh 21... you know how to treat a friend right...

sstrams1810/23/2019 05:07PM

  you probably knew this.......

21Dog2210/23/2019 06:09PM

  Really? I did not know that..

sstrams2210/24/2019 02:35AM

  according to this.........

21Dog1910/24/2019 03:44AM

  Happy Birthday!!!

Atlantic Ram1710/24/2019 09:07AM

  Thank you Atlantic..

sstrams1910/24/2019 12:39PM

  I stopped getting presents a few years ago.

Atlantic Ram1910/24/2019 02:49PM


sstrams1610/24/2019 05:52PM

  May your guitars never be far out of tune....

roman181910/24/2019 10:55AM

  Thank you, roman...

sstrams1610/24/2019 12:39PM

  happy birthday

zn1710/24/2019 05:13PM

  Thank you so much zn..

sstrams2010/24/2019 05:52PM

  Enjoy today Steve

waterfield1910/24/2019 07:00PM

  Thank you waterfield...

sstrams1810/25/2019 07:01AM

  Why am I so weird, part 2..? Attachments

sstrams19809/14/2019 09:13AM

  All my knowledge of pedal boards in one reply....

JamesJM5009/14/2019 09:32AM

  Sounds about right...

sstrams3909/14/2019 09:50AM

  Production update.. Attachments

sstrams5309/15/2019 11:04AM

  Well, gotta give ya credit...

JamesJM3609/15/2019 03:32PM

  Thanks man..

sstrams2909/15/2019 03:47PM

  If I'm understanding correctly...

JamesJM2809/15/2019 04:09PM

  No, I actually need to add them..

sstrams2709/15/2019 05:17PM

  Yeah, think I lost ya...

JamesJM3709/15/2019 05:39PM

  No, that's kinda what I want, as well..

sstrams3309/16/2019 01:38AM

  Well, you could always..

sstrams3009/16/2019 04:07AM

  Production Update #2 Attachments

sstrams4209/16/2019 01:15PM

  I'm just gonna give you two thumbs right now

IowaRam2909/16/2019 01:20PM

  Well, at least you're honest, Iowa..

sstrams2909/16/2019 01:28PM

  Production Update #3.. Attachments

sstrams3709/17/2019 01:12PM

  I might have missed it

IowaRam2809/17/2019 01:22PM

  Here's a pic of my current board.. Attachments

sstrams3109/17/2019 01:36PM

  Can't wait to see it complete, and fully loaded!

RAMbler3209/18/2019 10:55AM

  Thanks RAMbler!

sstrams2709/18/2019 11:30AM

  Things were going so well...

sstrams3409/19/2019 02:00PM

  but where's the fun in that

IowaRam2709/19/2019 02:23PM

  Its just frustrating..

sstrams3109/19/2019 03:59PM

  So whats actually breaking the drill bits

IowaRam2709/19/2019 04:08PM

  Its really thin metal..

sstrams2809/19/2019 05:23PM

  Trudging on...

sstrams3109/20/2019 11:22AM

  i am reminded of a favorite movie quote...

JamesJM3309/20/2019 11:33AM

  No, that's my problem...

sstrams3009/20/2019 01:52PM

  You sound like me....

JamesJM2909/20/2019 09:50PM


sstrams2509/21/2019 03:49AM

  Production Update #4.. Attachments

sstrams4309/21/2019 09:54AM

  Looks to me like...

JamesJM2809/21/2019 11:06AM

  If i tends up cratering..

sstrams2609/21/2019 11:32AM

  I think you're ok...

JamesJM3109/21/2019 11:57AM

  That's a good point..

sstrams2709/21/2019 01:22PM

  Looks about right to me

IowaRam3109/21/2019 01:55PM

  That's about what the calculations have felt like, Iowa..

sstrams2709/21/2019 06:20PM

  Reminds me of those Erector Sets

IowaRam2609/23/2019 06:05AM

  It COULD have rockets..

sstrams1909/23/2019 06:38AM

  No pics but..

sstrams2109/28/2019 12:44PM

  Re: No pics but.. Attachments

MamaRAMa3009/28/2019 03:24PM

  Not for Halloween ?

IowaRam2409/28/2019 03:56PM

  Re: Not for Halloween ?

MamaRAMa2609/28/2019 04:03PM

  Oh I totally get that, Mama.. Attachments

sstrams2509/29/2019 05:44AM


MamaRAMa2010/22/2019 09:44PM

  Oh that is awesome, Mama..

sstrams1610/23/2019 02:50AM

  looks like there's a new sheriff in town

21Dog2210/23/2019 04:12AM

  Love it... and about costumes and pets...

JamesJM1910/23/2019 04:57AM

  Re: Love it... and about costumes and pets...

MamaRAMa1810/23/2019 05:59AM

  We do.. Attachments

sstrams1810/23/2019 06:15AM

  Re: We do..

21Dog2110/24/2019 03:49AM

  They were happier..

sstrams2110/24/2019 08:06AM

  Hey Gator, saw your girlfriend last night........

Arkansas Ram10110/19/2019 06:26AM

  Re: Hey Gator, saw your girlfriend last night........

IowaRam4610/19/2019 08:56AM

  Michelle Phillips! OH LA LA! nm

Ramgator6510/20/2019 06:19AM

  My favorite hottie Musicians..... Attachments

Ramgator4110/20/2019 06:24AM

  Re: My favorite hottie Musicians.....

NorCalRamFan1810/23/2019 06:58PM

  Back from Colorado... heard the game while driving... Attachments

JamesJM7010/21/2019 08:55AM

  Been to Colorado once

Atlantic Ram1810/21/2019 09:27AM

  Same here, Atlantic... family comes first...

JamesJM1710/21/2019 09:51AM

  Crested Butte,..

waterfield1510/21/2019 03:12PM

  I have not been to Black Canyon as yet...

JamesJM1710/21/2019 04:06PM

  Re: I have not been to Black Canyon as yet...

waterfield2410/21/2019 08:58PM

  it's not CU in Boulder.....

21Dog2010/22/2019 04:27AM

  Re: it's not CU in Boulder.....

waterfield1610/22/2019 09:10AM

  Re: it's not CU in Boulder.....

21Dog2210/22/2019 10:29AM

  A different world....

JamesJM1810/22/2019 05:37AM

  Re: A different world....

waterfield1610/22/2019 09:15AM

  Just saw Steely Dan play at the Beacon Theater....

Deadhead Ram7410/16/2019 07:06PM

  Saw them a couple years back....

roman182710/17/2019 03:54AM

  nice...saw Skynard last Saturday

ferragamo791910/22/2019 07:35AM

  They found the IJN carrier, Kaga, yesterday

Ramgator7810/19/2019 06:16AM

  Wouldn't the others..

sstrams3710/19/2019 07:36AM

  Re: They found the IJN carrier, Kaga, yesterday

SeattleRam3810/19/2019 07:30PM

  USS Hornet

SeattleRam4110/19/2019 07:37PM

  WOW! They also might have found either the Akagi or Soryu today!

Ramgator3110/20/2019 03:10PM

  Yeah, you gotta figure they're all..

sstrams1910/20/2019 04:01PM

  The Hiryu was sunk the next day. The 3 others.......

Ramgator2110/20/2019 04:12PM

  It is Akagi. Saw a sonar shot...

Ramgator1310/21/2019 03:23PM

  Re: It is Akagi. Saw a sonar shot... Attachments

Ramgator1410/21/2019 03:53PM

  Flight deck is gone. I read Ens George Gay's book...

Ramgator1210/21/2019 03:56PM

  sstrams , got a question for ya

IowaRam4510/20/2019 03:38PM

  Well, I have never been a part of one of those, but..

sstrams2610/20/2019 04:11PM

  Big Joe Polka Show...

roman185610/18/2019 12:08PM

  Never heard of it

IowaRam2410/19/2019 01:23PM

  Turbo Polka !!!

IowaRam1510/19/2019 01:52PM

  Those people dancing....

roman182110/20/2019 04:23AM

  And remember , Keep A Song In Your Heart

IowaRam2310/19/2019 02:22PM

  2020 Rock Hall Of Fame Nominees...

JamesJM11910/15/2019 10:01AM

  C'mon Jimmy... T Rex!

sstrams3310/15/2019 10:22AM

  Same with Pat Benatar

IowaRam1810/15/2019 10:26AM

  Like I said..

JamesJM1910/15/2019 10:32AM

  Re: 2020 Rock Hall Of Fame Nominees...

sstrams2010/15/2019 10:29AM

  Are 'rock' and 'pop' two separate genres these days?

JamesJM1910/15/2019 11:49AM

  They WERE, but not sure anymore..

sstrams1610/15/2019 01:48PM

  I've never been a fan of HOF's...

JamesJM1810/15/2019 01:59PM

  Yeah, but if you're even gonna do it..

sstrams1310/15/2019 02:25PM

  I've had this song stuck in my head for hours now

IowaRam1410/15/2019 06:06PM

  Pretty big NIN fan

Atlantic Ram1410/18/2019 02:57PM

  Yeah, I dunno who is in or not..

sstrams1410/18/2019 03:01PM

  YES got in 2017

Atlantic Ram1510/18/2019 03:42PM

  I guess NIN is in..

sstrams2010/18/2019 05:10PM

  Here would be my choices

ferragamo792510/15/2019 05:14PM

  why no Emerson, Lake & Palmer Attachments

Deadhead Ram2310/17/2019 04:43PM

  Re: why no Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Atlantic Ram1610/17/2019 06:59PM

  I saw ELP..

sstrams1710/18/2019 05:06AM

  They should have dropped "Rock N Roll" from the title years ago.

Ramgator1210/17/2019 07:10PM

  How bout....THE WIGGLES????

Ramgator1410/17/2019 07:14PM

  Who isn't in the Rock HOF?

roman182410/18/2019 05:55AM

  From what I understand..

sstrams2910/18/2019 07:44AM

  I swear, I'm gonna puke if I hear another story on China and the NBA!

Ramgator4710/16/2019 06:20AM

  Re: I swear, I'm gonna puke if I hear another story on China and the NBA!

waterfield3510/16/2019 07:18PM

  UUUUGH! I feel so low! You guys ever have a childhood memory torn down??

Ramgator5410/15/2019 03:30PM

  Totally understand, man..

sstrams2810/15/2019 04:22PM

  Re: Totally understand, man..

MamaRAMa3310/16/2019 04:53AM

  You're situation is worse than mine....

JamesJM2610/16/2019 05:43AM

  The Circle of Life

waterfield3310/16/2019 07:29AM

  I'm not a cold weather person.. yet I'm off to Colorado... Attachments

JamesJM4110/15/2019 10:12AM

  That's a disturbing photo..

sstrams2310/15/2019 10:20AM

  Beat me to it

waterfield1710/15/2019 12:30PM


ferragamo791710/15/2019 05:14PM

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